"I help people become their true authentic self and

    teach them to work with their spirit"

About Us

Adele is a natural quantum reader and healer and have been experiencing her spiritual path from the tender age of 4. As a natural born psychic this offers the ability to connect to not only your soul, but also the souls of those you love in the other world. Her path is to help people accept their gift and show them ways to develop and become stronger in their ability.

Her quantum healing work on the DNA. She work on the physical, emotonal and spritual frequencies to heal on all the different layers of the person’s energy field.

Adele is also able to communicate with Source energy and spirit guides and she’s able to remove toxic energy and curses. She offers services relating hauntings, spirit removals, energy cleansing and spirit extractions.


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My goal as a healer is to support people and show them there are many other ways we can grown in this experince called LIFE and we can be enriched by the wonder around us 

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Spiritual, Regression and Jehovah's Witnesses programming

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Talks with Adele Chakra series 1 : The Root Chakra

Sexual Abuse and Survival

Energy fields and Chakras


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Understand & Spread Your Gift.

Adele teaches workshops to help people embrace their ability and help them become able to spread their gift. She’s compassionate and passionate about her path and always willing to help and support people that need spiritual guidance.


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SPECIAL Introduction Offer : Chakra Reading

Check your chakras out! Through the reading we can scan your aura and detect the blocks in your chakra one at a time. Healing will be given during the reading to help balance and cleanse the chakras. If you have any questions that haven't yet been answered, please call. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

  • 2 hr

  • £100 - ZAR 2000