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Empathic Readings

Nurturing your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

Through a compassionate approach,  Adèle helps you to delve into the intricate fabric of your whole self to heal and nurture.

My purpose is to transform lives through

Divine Empathy

From the tender age of 4 years, I’ve known about my special gift. Over the years I’ve perfected my methods to communicate with Source Energy and perfected how to tap into this to help others heal and realise their own abilities. I’m passionate about my path and always willing to help and support people that need guidance.

“Let's heal and nurture your soul.”

I perceive colours and vibrations and feel energy to which I am drawn to.  I use this gift to support and heal others.

- Adèle, the Spirit Worker -

Invite Adele to a

Awakening Event

Since 2012, Adele has inspired hundreds of people through special gatherings. Give your audience a spiritual realization through informative talks, either online or at your next special event. Or let’s organize a life-changing retreat, tailormade for your needs and those of your attendees.

Your path to

Inner Harmony

Not only does Adele provide you with valuable information, but she also illuminates the paths through which you can shape the course of your life. Her insights equip you with the self-assurance needed to make well-informed choices for a remarkable future.

- Allysonn -
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“Adèle is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She helped me through some of my toughest times in life with her love, healing, generosity & kindness. Words cannot really describe her beautiful soul and the amazing gift that she has.”
- Shannon -
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"This has been my second extraction with Adele. I can honestly say, you will never find a more dedicated healer! What Adele has done for me is priceless! The peace she has been able to restore for myself and my family is phenomenal!"
- Alaia -
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"The past few weeks of chakra healing with Adele have been absolutely life changing! I was given insights that I never had before and I have a renewed confidence and sense of self."
- Nehama -
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"Thank you so much Adele for the work we did together. You opened my heart and soul helping me connect to my true self and to my purpose. The clarity I got from working with you gave me peace and focus on where I am headed.Your gift is much needed in this world and I recommend everyone to meet you at least once to jump forward towards everyones true path."
- Jill -
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"Adele is the real deal. Her energy is pure and authentic. A wonderful person to connect with."
- Liana -
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"The Chakra course is so enlightening. Adele is a great teacher and a lovely person who made this course so interesting and enjoyable. She encourages thoughtful discussions and is so knowledgable, making it a really great chance to truly understand what the Chakra’s are and how they influence our daily lives."
- Nadia -
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"It was the best healing experience ever. During the reading, the words spoken were precisely what was needed, and I felt simultaneous understanding and healing of issues not even being spoken, multi-layer healing, that I always dreamed could happen and it really did for me."
- Xai -
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"The reading from Adele today was a wonderful experience. She is a very warm person easy to be comfortable with and welcoming. The reading experience was personal but with a modesty of excellent insight. I recommend Adele completely. I look forward to our next meeting Adele. Thank you."
- Lisa -
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"Adele really helped me gain more insight about myself and the issues I need to address in my life everything she said resonated deeply with me and I really appreciate her gift."
- Dipali -
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"Wow! What can I say? I've been working with Adele to help me heal and honestly, it is the most amazing, mind opening experience I've ever had. I've been suffering with health issues and Adele has got to the root of my illness and helped me heal. I feel full of life once again, full of energy and ready to take on the world again. Adele is so open and friendly and can see things very clearly. She is full of compassion and clearly is an expert at what she does. Honestly, I cannot recommend Adele highly enough."
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